Zero impact house

With the Bernoulli range you have the opportunity to annul the atmospheric emissions of your home, saving the environment without compromising or reducing its comfort.

Low costs, high efficiencies

Thanks to the Heron technology, today you can get warm with high efficiency at low cost. The energy once dissipated or wasted is conveyed to the user with no waste. Efficiency is available to everyone.

Thermal energy from renewable sources

Doing good twice: save the environment managing to get heat for your home without polluting. From the production of electricity to the production of heat you save your money by using renewable sources.

Low emissions into the environment

Thanks to the Heron technology, the overall efficiency of the user passes from 50% (normal thermoelectric production) to 97%. Quiet and compact, guarantees lower emissions than traditional condensing boiler.

The solutions for a zero-impact building, low power consumption, high efficiency, versatility, with significant cost savings.

Discover Lucas technologies, which enhance the performance of Your plant carrying the entire catchment into the third millennium.
Even energy generation becomes high-tech.

Simply for a better world!

You can combine our products to any plant for unique system performances.

Bernoulli2 copia

Lucas technologies have been designed with the aim of increasing the efficiency of any system, including existing and dated ones.
Our will is to find optimal solutions to customer’s energy problems: thanks to the inclusion of our technologies in existing plants, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the users, providing also an important economical saving.

  • Quick installation
  • Best performance
  • Efficient communication between the components
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Remote management and control
  • Maximum adaptability and customization of the production
Discover the benefits of BernoulliDiscover the benefits of HeronDiscover the benefits of Bernoulli Hybrid Discover the benefits of LeonardoDiscover the benefits of Bernoulli Booster

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Our technologies

Lucas range currently includes different technologies, all in the the energy saving sector, using renewable sources to produce energy with zero impact on the environment.

Lucas offers unique and innovative solutions: cutting-edge technologies that allow for substantial financial savings to the end customer and respond positively to the most stringent safety and effectiveness tests.

In Lucas we believe that ecology does not only comes from a reduced power consumption, but also by a low environmental impact exerted on our planet by the production and maintenance of technologies; this is why all ranges of Bernoulli, Bernoulli Hybrid and Bernoulli Booster are using R410A and R134a refrigerants, two of the less environmentally impacting synthesis refrigerants.

Vantaggi dei prodotti Lucas

All-In-One Systems
Technologies adaptable to existing plants
Simple and user-friendly interfaces
Economical and ecological technologies
Bernoulli “BE”

High efficiency air-cooled Heat Pump.
Ideal for small and medium plants.

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Bernoulli “CH”

High efficiency air-cooled Chiller.
Ideal for small and medium plants.

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Bernoulli Hybrid

All-In-One system that handles sophisticated difficult to control procedures.

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Bernoulli Booster

Easy to install system that allows to raise any water output up to 80°C with a COP of 6.7.

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Micro cogenerator easily accessible, low cost for small and medium users, compact and modular.

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Advanced system management controller, slim and compact, unique in its kind.

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