Lucas S.p.A.


We are a young company, which is built upon the solid foundation of over twenty years’ experience in technology and research. Despite the short presence in the market, we employ already 26 people who, in various sectors, undertake to make Lucas’ products the best on the market in terms of quality standards and performance.

Our technical department uses the best technologies to study and put under stress Lucas’ creations. All our projects are created with the help of last generation CAD and CAM system, and their operation is controlled with analytic flow system and thermal CFD.

Only after a long period of testing and research Lucas’ projects begin to take shape. The prototypes are created in small pre-series, with the only objective to be used beyond the normal applications up to their destruction. All our products in fact are approved only after rigorous stress-tests that put each part of the product under the worst technical efforts that it could find in real applications.

Low environmental impact Innovation
Environmental responsibility
Broad and organized sales network
Significant cost savings



Thanks to continuous investment in research and development, to provide solutions for energy efficiency, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Know-how and skills development

We are committed to continuous growth in order to strengthen our leadership position.

Social responsibility

We perform with integrity while maintaining the highest ethical standards, being concerned for the health and safety of our employees and continually striving to improve the personal skills of our employees. The increase in the satisfaction of our customers is a direct result.

Environmental responsibility

which means respecting and protecting the environment, persons and living beings that inhabit it.


Our Vision can be explained with a short sentence:

A better world. Design and develop solutions that meet the specific needs of people, respecting and protecting the environment. For a better world”.


Customer’s attention

We help our customers meet their needs. Despite being a young company, Lucas has an extensive and organized network of sales and 26 employees: a structure able to respond effectively and flexibly to every customer request.


To all those who decide to choose responsibly, Lucas offers heating systems with high efficiency and low environmental impact, in the full protection of the environment with considerable savings from the economic point of view.


Our company is ISO 9001 certified, all our products have the product certification TÜV proficert and CE certification by an external institution. Lucas is also proudly registered among the state suppliers of the Republic of San Marino.

“Our philosophy imposes customer’s tranquility and satisfaction, ensuring continuity of savings to the final user”.

Only after many years of testing and related research into the quality and performance, Lucas’ products can finally enter the market. Our philosophy dictates as ultimate goal customer’s tranquility and satisfaction, all of our products are made to last a long time and to guarantee continuity of saving to the purchaser and final user. Our company objective is not to sell as many products as possible, but to have the highest customer satisfaction.