Greetings from Fisciano (SA)

Some pictures of an installation specifically designed for a Cheese Factory closed to Salerno. It was realized with 1 Bernoulli BE014I high temperature heat pump, which is able to produce water up to + 150°with external temperatures of -5°F.The heat pump is managed by the internal computer and works on a 1000 liter hot water storage tank.

Greetings from Milan-Malpensa

Some pictures of a Heating and Cooling system specifically designed for a Hotel with 36 rooms in Milan-Malpensa Airport. The Heating and Cooling system has been designed from the customer’s need to replace the old refrigerator and boiler unit for reasons of inefficiency. It was realized with 1 Bernoulli BE045H high temperature heat pump, which is…


Greetings from Cancello Ed Arnone (CE)

These 4 high temperature heat pumps Bernoulli BE010H was installed  in the serving of a cheese factory in the province of Caserta. The heat pumps, all with 400V power supply, are managed in series from the computer inside the heat pumps and work on a 1000 liter domestic hot water storage tank with a shell and tube heat exchanger. The…


Greetings from Susegana (TV)

Some pictures of a BE014I Heat Pump installed in the service of an independent house’s heating system with high temperature traditional heating. The Heat Pump is connected to a storage tank of 1000 liters of Technical Hot Water with instant production of DHW (Domestic Hot Water). The heat pump and the entire system are managed…


Greetings from Campagna Lupia (VE)

Some pictures of a BE014I high temperature heat pump with inverter compressor and fans. The heat pump, equipped also with internal circulator for inverter water flow, is at the service of an individual home located in the province of Venice. Inside the house has been installed a technical water storage of 500 liter volume, integrated with…