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Bernoulli, the High Efficiency air cooled Chiller.

What is Bernoulli “CH”?

The air cooled chillers of the “CH” series are designed for outdoor installation, and they are particularly suitable for small and medium sized air conditioning systems, in residential and commercial applications.
Therefore, during their design, it has been given a particular care for dimensions and sound level, in order to have compact and silent units at the same time. They can also be matched to fan coils or terminal units or for water cooling in small industrial processes.
Depending on the cooling capacity, they are available with 1 or 2 cooling circuits. Thanks to their compact dimensions and to the several options available, these units are particularly easy to install in small spaces. They are completely assembled and tested in the factory and supplied with refrigerant and non-freezing oil charge. Therefore, once on site, the units only
need to be positioned and electrically and hydraulically connected.

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Bernoulli “CH”: available versions

Lucas has come up with a different solution for every customer requirement. Bernoulli “CH” is available in several versions:

  • A: Standard, with Axial fans;
  • S: Standard, Split version;

Limiti di funzionamento per i modelli Standard:

  • Summer Working:
    air from 15°C to 45°C – outlet water from 5°C to 15°C.

Optional: “Polar” Version:

  • Working at low air temperature (-20°C): Electronic device, frequency converter type, for the continuous modulating control of the condensing pressure through the variation of the fan rotation speed; it allows the machine to work with outside air temperatures down to -20°C.


Standard, with Axial fans


Standard, Split version


Frame made of galvanized steel plate

Frame suitably treated to resist to external agents and then painted in RAL 7035 color. The compressor section is completely closed and suitably isolated from the air flow; inside of it, the compressor and the main components are placed so to facilitate also the service operations. The external panels, easy to be dismantled, allow the full access in case of service.


High-efficiency scroll compressor (EER 3.37 under ARI conditions), with low sound level, internal heat protection, installed on rubber vibration dampers, supplied with crankcase heater when necessary.

Heat-exchange external coil

Heat-exchange external coil with copper tube and specially corrugated aluminum fins for a better efficiency. It is suitably sized with a wide exchange surface, so to allow the unit operation also at very high external air temperatures. On request, in case of installation in aggressive environments, several coil protection treatments are available

Axial fans

Low rpm axial fans, of directly coupled type, with 6-8 pole electrical motor complete with in-built overload protection, electronic balance, blades with low sound level wing profile and safety protection grid. On request, it is available the modulating fans speed regulation.

Heat exchanger

Weld-brazed plate user heat exchanger in AISI 316 stainless steel, with pipes and patented manifold so to reach a high heat exchange coefficient. Its design allows a uniform water distribution, compatibly with pressure drops. The heat exchanger is provided with close-cell insulating material. The heat exchanger is also equipped with safety water flow switch turning off the unit in case of low water flow through the heat exchanger.

Cooling circuit

Composed of thermostatic expansion valve, dehydrating filter, sight glass, safety device, antifreeze thermostat, high and low pressure switches.

Electric board

In compliance with CE norms, contained in a suitable partition protected by the internal safety panel, provided with a main switch and an external and hinged panel to be opened. It is complete with remote switches, overload protections, transformer for auxiliaries and terminal board.

Unit management microprocessor

It is installed on the internal safety panel of the electrical board, it manages the defrosting system developed with time/temperature logic, complete with compressor hour counter.
It is equipped with RS 485 serial interface to allow connection of the machines to the Leonardo control unit. The unit is so completely controllable remotely. For connection to a supervisory system of another type, the protocol of the controlled parameters is available.

Bernoulli: CH020A

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Bernoulli: CH040A

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Bernoulli “CH”: technology details

Bernoulli “CH” Range