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Lucas offers a 360° service based on an accurate analysis of the customer’s needs, starting from the assessment of the current state of its thermal requirements up to a complete optimization of the costs incurred in its company.

Our Consultant will visit you and support you on your path to sustainable development by offering advice: by delivering electricity and gas bills to him, he will carry out an initial analysis of your energy consumption. After a careful evaluation of the bills previously delivered and on the basis of a thermal balance, our Technical Office analyzes the data with appropriate software and develops the ad hoc project, customized to your needs, ensuring energy efficiency, cost savings and safeguarding of the planet. In this project the type of technology (heat pump or cogenerator) is chosen and subsequently the power of the machines and the details of the installation. Lucas directly designs and builds a range of ideal technologies for companies that want to invest in renewable energy, with the installation, put into operation and delivery of the “keys in hand plant”. The continuous R&D activity and the investment in latest generation materials together with the skills of specialized technical experts guarantee high quality, reliable and high performance technologies. All accompanied by an efficient and timely support service.


Innovation with low environmental impact
Environmental responsibility
Wide and organized sales network
High cost savings



Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, to offer solutions with high energy efficiency, low environmental impact, sustainable and high technological content.

Know-how and skills development

We are committed to continuous growth with the aim of strengthening our experience thanks to daily work and the study of new technologies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We act with integrity while maintaining the highest ethical standards, taking care of the health and safety of our collaborators, suppliers and customers and continually striving to improve the quality standards of our products. The increase in satisfaction of our customers is the direct consequence.

Environmental responsibility

Respect and protection of the environment, of the people and living beings that inhabit it.


Our Vision can be explained with a short sentence:

A better worldDesign and develop solutions that meet the specific needs of people, in full respect and protection of the environment. For a better world.”


Customer’s attention

We help our customers meet their needs. Lucas has an extensive and organized network of sales: a structure able to respond effectively and flexibly to every customer request.


To all those who decide to choose responsibly, Lucas offers heating systems with high efficiency and low environmental impact, in the full protection of the environment with considerable savings from the economic point of view.

“Our philosophy requires tranquillity and customer satisfaction, guaranteeing continuity of cost savings for the final consumer”.

Our Technical Department uses the most advanced technologies to study and stress Lucas products, which only after appropriate test and research periods begin to take shape. The prototypes are made in small “pre-series”, with the aim of being used beyond normal applications, to the point of breaking them. Our philosophy sets as a final goal the tranquility and customer satisfaction: all our products are made to last a long time and guarantee continuity of savings for the purchaser and end user. Our business goal is not to sell as many products as possible, but to have maximum customer satisfaction.