Lucas S.p.A. - USB Bernoulli


All Lucas technologies have the possibility of being used through Operational Leasing, a service designed for companies and condominiums

Both the use of capital and the operating costs necessary for the realization of the projects can be financed directly by Lucas and its financial partners by sharing the savings generated with the user.

In this way the customer has the possibility to start the project without any initial investment.

This is made possible by the combination of technical expertise, skills in managing specialist partners, financial structuring skills and normative-legislative knowledge. 

The project is proposed only if the customer has a saving greater than the amount he has to pay

On the basis of the cost savings that is generated, we calculate the rental fee to ensure that our customer can have a Lucas technology without anticipating money, with a monthly fee that begins to pay at the time of installation.

This is a solution that allows, in the face of a payment of a periodic fixed fee, the availability of an asset instrumental to the exercise of its business activity, without acquiring the property.

The advantages of Lucas Formula

The operating lease of the Lucas technology is usually 5 years (60 months),

subsequently the customer can acquire the property.