Lucas S.p.A.


Leonardo, the advanced plant management control unit.

What Leonardo is

Leonardo is the only unit of its kind that allows the integrated management of Lucas technologies (Bernoulli, Bernoulli Hybrid, Bernoulli Booster and Heron): a slim and compact controller that offers a high degree of communication and excellent performance.

Leonardo is ideal in all those plants where supervision and management is required, in order to create energy efficiency. It is also used to manage “multi energy” in our systems, for example in plants where multiple Lucas technologies coexist, therefore in complex systems where efficient management of multiple energy sources is required (Bernoulli, Heron, photovoltaic, solar thermal, back-up generators, etc.).

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Leonardo: fields of application

Leonardo is integrated in some Lucas technologies: Bernoulli Hybrid and Heron.
It is precisely in Heron HE003M that Leonardo proves to be essential, becoming the conductor of the boiler room: thanks to the control of the plant temperatures, the external temperatures, the climatic curves, the mixed zones, the production of DHW and much more, Leonardo allows Heron to manage user requests in the most efficient way. All this is completed by the remote monitoring and control service, alarm remote management and maintenance remote management.

Leonardo: technical data

Power supply: 24 V AC ± 15%, 50…60 Hz or 20 … 36 V DC
Basic consumption: 4 VA (without loads and without display)
Output + C: + 24 V DC, 0.15 A, protected against short circuit
Backup battery: Memory and clock, at least 5 years
Ambient temperature: 0…50°C / Storage temperature: -20…+ 70°C
Relative humidity (non-condensing): Max. 95%
Size (WxHxD): 149 x 121 x 60 mm / DIN size: 8 1/2

Technical characteristics


  • Protection class: IP20
  • Mounting: DIN rail or panel mounting
  • Plastic: Polycarbonate, PC


  • Analog inputs, AI: 0(4)…20 mA, 0…10 V, 0…200 mV, PT-1000, DIN Ni1000, LGNi1000, 12 bits A/D
  • Digital inputs, DI: potential-free contact, 24 V DC, configurable as pulse counter
  • Universal inputs, UI: AI or DI


  • Analog outputs, AO: 0…10 V DC, 5 mA, 12 bit D/A, protected against short circuit
    Digital outputs, DO: Mosfet type 24 V AC/DC, 2 A each. Max 8 A in total
    24 V DC output: 0.15 A, protected against short circuit

Integrated Display

Display: LCD, backlit, 4 lines of 20 characters each, international font
Consumption: + 1 VA in addition to the basic consumption

Data for TCP/IP port

Connection: RJ45, 10Base-T/100Base-TX auto-negotiation
Cable length: Max. 100 m (min Cat 5)
Consumption: + 1 VA in addition to the basic consumption

Data for M-Bus port

Max.number of devices

  • with speed 1200-2400 bps: 8
  • with speed 4800-9600 bps: 4

Max. cable lenght

  • with speed 1200-2400 bps: 1000 m
  • with speed 4800-9600 bps: 200 m

Remote Control



Intuitive and user-friendly, the blue backlit LCD display activates when a button is pressed and deactivates after a certain period of inactivity.


An application allows access and configuration via display of the addresses and communication settings. The flash memory of the controller allows you to switch from one partition to another.

Serial Communication

Leonardo is able to communicate with various types of heat metering systems via RS485 (ModBus), TCP/IP (BACnet / IP) and M-Bus. It can read up to 8 heat metering systems.

Remote Control

Thanks to Leonardo, it is possible to monitor the systems remotely, evaluating and modifying any sensitive data of the operation of the system and of Lucas technologies.