Greetings from Brianza

Bernoulli BE035H installed in a Club House in the Brianza countryside. High temperature heat pump for the production of domestic hot water, space heating and air conditioning via fan-coil. The machine is managed by the Leonardo LE015M system management computer which manages the operation and production logics on the two storage tanks (technical and sanitary…


Greetings from Campizze (AV)

Plant made with a Bernoulli BE020I heat pump of the Bernoulli “BE” range, installed in a cheese factory located in the green Valle Caudina that produces in a semi-artisanal way the typical cheeses of Campania. The heat pump heats up a 1000-litre ACS tank. The heat pumps in the Bernoulli “BE” range are made of galvanized steel,…


Greetings from Tramonti (SA)

Pictures of the Bernoulli BE014I heat pump of the Bernoulli “BE” range, installed in a cheese factory that produces fresh cheeses made from fresh milk. The heat pump heats up an ACS tank, thanks to a removable tube beam exchanger. Condensed with air, the heat pumps of the Bernoulli “BE” range are designed for external installation. The units are…


Greetings from Frattamaggiore (NA)

Plant built in a historic cheese factory in the province of Naples with the installation of the innovative Heron HE015M cogeneration boiler with natural gas supply. Heron with a single power supply, is able to generate two different types of energy: thermal and electric. An energy saving that translates into 50% reduction of the CO²…


Greetings from Maddaloni (CE)

Plant built in a cheese factory in Maddaloni, in the province of Caserta with the installation of a Bernoulli BE010H heat pump and 1000 liter storage tank. As can be seen from the pictures, thanks to the compact size our units, are particularly easy to install them even in small spaces. The heat pump is in high temperature…


Greetings from Seregno (MB)

Some pictures of a plant realized in a glass factory in Seregno for the heating and air conditioning of the offices. The heat pump is a Bernoulli BE090H in high temperature with operation up to -4 °F of external air and 149 °F of hot water production.

Greetings from Venegono Inferiore (VA)

This installation has been specifically designed for a Restaurant closed to Varese. It was realized with 1 Bernoulli BE045H high temperature heat pump, which is able to produce water up to + 150°F with external temperatures of -5°F. The heat pump is managed by the internal computer and works on two 1000 liter hot water storage tanks. The installation is…